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About Me

Elizabeth (Liz) Rae Walker holds Masters degrees in Psychology and Business Administration; she is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT #31203), which she obtained in 1993.

Along with this diverse educational background, she has extensive experience working with individuals and couples in a variety of treatment settings including residential treatment, partial hospitalization, non-profit agency, social service, and private practice.

The clientele she has treated has ranged from those striving to increase their personal satisfaction and quality of life to those struggling with psychosis coupled with chemical dependency and suicidal behaviors.  She also has worked with executives, administrators, managers, and supervisors to understand how their personal struggles play out in the work setting.

In addition to her work in private practice, she was a Clinical Supervisor at Crisis Support Services, formerly known as Suicide Prevention of Alameda County.  Additionally, she has provided consultation to therapists ,who have reached impasses with clients.  She has extensive experience in public child welfare.

Philosophically, Liz believes an emotionally healthy individual experiences strength and balance in the following areas: 

  • Makes and keeps commitments
  • Experiences a wide range of deep feelings
  • Expects entitlements without being self-absorbed or self-sacrificing
  • Feels close to others without feeling engulfed or consumed
  • Spends time alone without feeling despair or abandonment
  • Acknowledges personal achievements and strengths
  • Soothes painful feelings without the overuse or restriction of food
  • Expresses creativity of mind and demonstrates creativity through self-expression
  • Identifies individual needs, dreams, and goals and comfortably asserts them
  • Experiences a solid, secure sense of self even during turbulent times
Yet, some people may struggle in one or more areas.  Balance can be developed or restored by understanding how an individual chooses, forms, and maintains relationships, and by examining the underlying beliefs and assumptions motivating those choices.

Watch her video about therapy.


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